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Flying Frog Fitness is a very welcoming studio. The space is spacious, warm and inviting. The instructors are friendly and knowledgeable, and the classes are accommodating to all levels with modifications offered. The aerial yoga and fitness classes are fun and challenging and great for all ages. I always leave with a sense of well-being of my mind, body and soul. The friendships are an added benefit.


I would highly recommend any of the classes at this amazing studio.

Patty R.

I can't believe I can do this!!! The classes are fun. The instructors are so helpful and patient. I'm glad I stepped out and tried something new.


❤❤ a total game changer for me, thanks!!!

Michele N.

As lots of others were closing their doors,  Jonna pursued one of her dreams,
and opened a studio that’s welcoming to the whole community. 

No matter if you are a seasoned yoga lover or have never been in a fitness studio before; all are made to feel very welcome. And it’s been my personal experience that the aerial classes have been especially fun. I would recommend Flying Frog Fitness to old and young. I have even invited my husband to come along, and he loved it. See you there.

Lisa L.

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