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Located in Calvert County, Maryland, Flying Frog Fitness is a relaxed and comfortable place for all bodies to gather and move. From mat yoga to body combat to learning to fly, the instructors at Flying Frog want to help you achieve your goals while keeping you safe.

One of the many fitness options being offered at Flying Frog features the aerial fabrics. From the first time I tried aerial yoga, I was hooked and I think you will be too. 


Aerial yoga combines traditional yoga with acrobatics and fitness. The hammocks are used to support the body through a variety of movements and with the body suspended, it's easy to perform advanced poses without putting tension on the joints and spine. 

A full-body workout, aerial yoga can strengthen the body, improve flexibility, aid in digestion, and help with decompression of the spine. It's also a lot of fun.


Take a leap and join us for an aerial class or one of our other amazing fitness offerings. 


We look forward to seeing you.

Hours of operation

Flying Frog is open when classes and workshops are in session. Check out our upcoming classes.  
Interested in a private event? Reach out to and we can schedule one for you.

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