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It's a berry good time of year

Strawberry season, also known as “the most wonderful time of the year” in

my house is right around the corner (mid-May). These beautiful red fruits

are not only sweet, juicy, and versatile, they are also packed full of

vitamins and minerals and are a good source of fiber.

Did you know that only eight berries provides100 percent of your daily recommended amount of vitamin C? Vitamin C is great because it helps promote iron absorption. Strawberries are also rich in potassium, which helps with blood pressure control. Strawberry's flavanoids and antioxidants are also beneficial for heart health!

This fruit is perfect for snacking and I LOVE strawberries for dessert, but these juicy, red stars are so versatile you can easily add them to a more savory meal.

This chicken flauta recipe featured on the California Strawberries website would be

perfect for your Cinco de Mayo.

Pick your own strawberries locally

Jake's Produce & Linda's Greenhouses

5980 Broomes Island Road, Port Republic, MD 20676

Phone: 410-586-1443

Swann Farms, Joe Swann

7740 Swann Lane, Owings, MD 20736

Phone: 443-770-3510

Find a local produce stand

Find local produce stands by visiting:

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