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This award-winning essential oil is from the Lavendar Farm's x-intermedia "Grosso" lavendar. 

The Lavendar Farm on Whidbey Island in Washington grows their own Lavendula x. intermedia "Grosso" lavender, harvests it by hand, distills it on site at their farm, and then ages it to make this the smooth lovely oil people have been loving for years. Their "Grosso" oil has been winning gold medal awards three years in a row.

Their essential oil is steam-distilled in copper stills from their own lavender. Lavendar Farm grows all of their lavender in a sustainable way, without pesticides or herbicides, that uses people instead—so the oil is pure.

Not for internal use.
Size: 10 ml blue dropper bottle.

Grosso Lavender Essential Oil—10 ml

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